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Kraft Paper

A strong, light weight kraft coloured wrapping paper that is used mostly in the packaging industry, including paper bags. 100% recycled fibres. Available in 30-61# weight.


This strong kraft coloured paper board is made of 100% recycled materials. Thicker calipers consist of multiple sheets laminated together for a stronger board. Available in .015 - .130" calipers.

1/S White Lined Newsback

80 brite white uncoated with a grey coloured back side. Food safe, and made of 100% recycled fibres. Available in .024 and .036" calipers.


(Graphicboard) Imported high quality European stock, the strongest on the market. Made of 100% post consumer fibres. Used for book covers, ringbinders, gameboards, displays etc. Available in .050 - .160" calipers.

Corrugated Cardboard

Available in C-Flute. Kraft, 1/s white and double wall available. Made almost 100% of post consumer fibres and 100% recyclable.

Carton / Poster board

We carry black, brown and green poster boards that are made of 100% recycled materials.


30% recycled material, toxic free and 100% ozone friendly. We carry white and black boards from 1/8 - 1/2" calipers. Mightycore (extra strength), Single Step (heat activated adhesive back) and Quick Stick (peel and stick) also available.


Food safe and recyclable. 2 sides clay-coated gives a smooth white surface with an off-white core. Direct print for showcards and displays. .040 and .060" available.


Also known as Beermat. High quality European board that absorbs moisture. Available in .035, .045 and .061" caliper. Printable and recyclable.


Water repellent board used for milk cartons, liquid packaging and outdoor signage. Available in .023" caliper 


Similar to Supascreen. Food safe and recyclable. 2 sides clay-coated with a strong millboard core. Direct print for showcards and displays. Available in .090" caliper only.

Candesce C1S

White, durable and lightweight. C1S is one side clay coated for one ultra smooth side. Great for direct print. Used in the folding carton industry and for greeting cards, packaging and displays. Caliper ranges from .010 - .024".

Ancora C2S

Ancora has 2 ultra-smooth surfaces. Direct print gives bold, crisp image. Used in the folding carton industry and for brochures, displays and digital printing. We offer .016 and .024" calipers.

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Double White Card Stock

80 brite white throughout. Uncoated and made of 30% post consumer and 70% post industrial fibres. Available in .024 - .040" calipers.